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Planned American Bulldog Breedings for 2006

Nothing planned at this time.

Successful litters from the past...

Sally x Blue July 21, 2001 ABRA Registered
Savvy x Simon February 2, 2002 ABRA Registered
Sally x Pumper August 16, 2002 ABRA Registered
Savvy x Pumper August 23, 2002 ABRA Registered
Sally x Simon April 16, 2003 ABRA Registered
Coco x Foreman July 17, 2003 ABRA Registered
Savvy x Simon September 24, 2003 ABRA Registered
Savvy x Hudson August 21, 2004 ABRA Registered
Coco x Hudson August 24, 2004 ABRA Registered
Sue x Grim November 15, 2004 ABRA Registered
Miss Piggy x Oscar June 12, 2005 ABRA Registered
Savvy x Oscar July 30, 2005 ABRA Registered
Daphne x Grim January 9, 2006 ABRA Registered
Red x Grim February 9, 2006 ABRA Registered

E-mail or call us for more info 905-768-2747

Pups must be paid for in full by 6 weeks of age or you will lose your deposit and pup will be resold. Picks will be made at 5-6 weeks and puppies will be allowed to go to their new homes at 6-8 weeks.

Puppies will be shipped out of the Toronto or Buffalo NY airport, buyer is responsible for cost of shipping, crate and health certificate.

Puppies will have been vet checked, wormed and given their first innoculation.

Here is our guarantee, click here.

Our decision to breed American Bulldogs is based on a few things...

#1 The desire to create a more perfect American Bulldog than the ones we have.
We are extremely pleased with the dogs we have chosen but each and every one of them can and will be improved upon.
The reason we are seeking perfection is simply to enhance the enjoyment of our lives.
We love to compete and we love to be a part of the action.
We love the people and we want to contribute.

#2 The feeling deep down that more Canadians need and I mean need a Johnson American Bulldog! And a great one at that!
We saw our first in November 1998.
Imagine being on this planet for 30 years and just discovering them now!
We Canadians are far too sheltered!

#3 A pure interest in the whole process of raising, training, feeding,
titling, x-raying, debating, selecting excellent quality stock, genetics, breeding, whelping, marketing, and advertising, of American Bulldogs.

These breeding plans are what we have sketched out at the moment, many many things will of course affect our decisions to proceed.

Our intention is to keep the pick male and female puppy from each litter and do half brother half sister breedings in the future.

We intend to have a line of athletic, tempermentally hard Johnson Dogs
usable for the more vigorous sports such as hog catching, weight pulling and protection. Please email us if you have any comments to make or suggestions (constructive critism) regarding our breeding program.