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ABRA Rebel Rose American Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Classic American Bulldogs with health, stable temperaments and good conformation!

Bella x Lucky pups (3 female, 2 male)for sale born September 22, 2014

$1200, pups available for pick up on November 17, 2014 or can be shipped with rabies at 12 weeks, December 15, 2014. Shipping, health certificate and crate is $400 in addition to the purchase price.

A little bit about us... We've been breeding American Bulldogs since 1998, we are both conformation judges, we have laid hands on & assessed thousands of American Bulldogs here in Canada, across the USA and in Europe, we own the American Bulldog Registry & Archives as well as the largest American Bulldog Website in the world, American Bulldog Resources, we're here to stay, we have a ton of knowledge about and experience with American Bulldogs, their history, their care, their training, their pedigrees and their bloodlines. We bought our first American Bulldog from John D. Johnson in 1998!

Our puppies are not puppies born because the family wanted their kids to experience the birth of puppies, or the family thought they could make a quick buck by having a litter or their female accidently got bred.

Do you want to buy a puppy from people that have never attended an American Bulldog show to see what champion American Bulldogs look like in the flesh, people that don't have a clue what good conformation is, people that have no idea how to help you with behaviour issues as they come up? Some people that have puppies for sale right now do not have a pedigree for the parents let alone know the history of the parents, grand parents and great grand parents, and know the people involved with the breed for the last decade

We are American Bulldogs experts, we breed with more than 13 years of experience behind us, we have seen every American Bulldog worth a mention, we are in constant communication with the great American Bulldog kennels, we see them at shows all year long, every year. We host shows, we sanction shows, we have judged thousands of American Bulldogs and we register thousands of dogs and puppies every year for other kennels.

We don't breed for the latest fad, the biggest heads, the shortest backs, the bulliest faces, the shortest legs, overly done musculature that are completely non-functional. We breed traditional type, height and weight American Bulldogs that can run and jump and play with you and your kids all afternoon. We don't sell puppies by the pound or by the colour. You will not find a kennel more involved with American Bulldogs than we are, anywhere!

While doing your research please feel free to ask the people that you are considering buying a puppy from if they know Lance and Lesli Rose. Everyone knows us which is good for you, we can't disappear if you have a problem, you can feel safe and comfortable about buying a puppy from us.

We will select the perfect puppy for you, all you have to do is contact us and tell us exactly what you are looking for, house pet, companion, company while you go for your jog, competitor in weightpull, show dog, personal protection etc. You can feel 100% comfortable that we will sell you the right puppy. After the sale you can always call or email with any questions, you'll never have to worry about how to handle your pup. We will be here for you for the life of your pup.

We want your pup to be the best it can be so we want you to definitely hire a trainer to train you how to train your pup, you will love the experience, and you will have all the confidence that you need to help your puppy learn how to behave properly.

If you ever have to find a new home for your Rebel Rose American Bulldog, please bring it back here, no questions asked, just drop it off! We will find it a new home.

Lots of American Bulldogs need help, please go to this website and have a look, maybe the perfect dog for you is waiting for a new home!

Call 905-768-4446 or email us for more info.

Puppies may be picked up or be shipped out of the Toronto or Buffalo NY airport, buyer is responsible for cost of shipping, crate and health certificate. (Approx $250 USD for shipping within the USA)

We do not ship puppies to areas of the world that require a quarantine for the puppy. Other countries on a case by case basis, surcharges will apply.