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If the pup is purchased for breeding, it must meet the ABRA breed standard, be free of genetic diseases and x-ray clear of dysplasia before it is bred, if not the dog will be returned to us and the purchasers will be given another pup within a reasonable time frame. If the pup has been bred the guarantee is null and void.

If the pup is purchased as a pet, and the owner feels it necessary to put the pup down within the first two years due to a genetic health condition a replacement pup will be given. If the owner does not want to destroy the pup and decides to fix the pup at their own expense we will sell the the owner another pup at 1/2 price of the first pup when another litter of comparable value is produced.

We also require proof that the pet has been spayed or neutered.

We will always accept one of our pups back for any reason without a refund or a replacement pup.

The pup will not be guaranteed if it is sold.