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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who owns this website and how can I contact them?

A. Lance and Lesli Rose
3460 Hwy 6, Hagersville ON Canada
E-mail -

  General questions about American Bulldogs...

Q. How did you get involved with the American Bulldog?

A. Lance owned and bred Dalmatians all of his life, and I joined him in 1991.

When our male Dalmatian died suddenly in 1998 we seriously considered being dogless for the rest of our lives but as time healed our broken hearts we decided that we were definitely dog people and couldn't live without the sight, sound, smell and feel of a dog in our home.

We decided to look for a breed slightly less energetic than a Dalmatian. I was always fascinated by the British Bulldog so we decided to try one of those on for size. After a few visits to breeders we purchased an eighteen month old male. We had him for a few days before the vet could fit us in, well, my kids almost killed him!!! After a few minutes of whipping around with the kids he started to wheeze, I had to separate them. At the vet visit we discovered that his knees slipped in and out of position. Long story short, we returned him to the breeder.

Back to our search for a breed that was more suitable for our family, we attended a dog show in Toronto and saw an American Bulldog for the first time, it was love at first sight. The breeder directed us to the Internet so we could see pictures of more ABs. The Bulldog Bug hit us hard! We became absolute fanatics over night and couldn't get enough. We went to another show in Toronto and then decided to take a trip down to the Sunny South to meet the man, Mr. Johnson! We visited 4 breeders on that trip and purchased a dog from Mr. J. We arranged to pick up Blue at the end of February 1999 so we could hit the first ABNA show in Birmingham, Alabama . We never had more fun in our lives!!!! Bulldoggers are now our favourite group of people on the planet! Very different from the impression we sometimes leave on the message boards, to say the least!

Since then we have developed a killer AB web site called American Bulldog Resources, and an all breed site called we have attended many ABA shows, tons of ABNA shows 3 of which we hosted ourselves up here in Ontario, Canada. A few RBCOSWO and Rarities Shows. We have purchased lots more American Bulldogs, had lots of heart ache over dogs that didn't turn out or had health problems but the good stuff makes up for it all.

Q. Why are there so many different types of American Bulldogs?

A. There are officially 2 main types, Johnson and Scott, named after the 2 men that nurtured the breed into what it is today. Of course there are many American Bulldogs that have neither Johnson or Scott blood in them or have a mix so the wider terms, Classic and Standard are popular today to describe the two main types. Within the Classic type you can have extremes aswell from tall to short, and a range of muzzle length but generally speaking a Classic type American Bulldog is heavy boned with a bully type head and a wide chest. The Standard type also range in size from fine boned to very heavy boned but generally they have a different shaped head with a longer muzzle. There are some dogs that have very thick heavy boned bodies with Standard heads and also very fine boned light animals with extremely bully heads. There is also a distinct head shape that people refer to as hybrid.

The reason for this is the wide range in tastes of AB fanciers and the lack of a water tight breed standard. Most American Bulldog breeders balk at restrictions imposed upon them by breed standards and because conformation shows are such a small part of the culture a standardized look hasn't evolved. There is an emphasis on working ability rather than looks.

The best way to decide which type you like is to look at as many pictures or better yet live dogs as you can. From there you will be able to see which line is your favourite. There are some differences in temperment from line to line but the biggest difference in temperment is early socialization and obedience training.

More on temperment later.

Q. What are the most common health problems with American Bulldogs?

A. Bloat, Canine Hip Dysplasia, Heat, Skin Disorders (allergies). The best way to avoid the majority of these problems is to make preventative vet visits regularly, feed a good diet (Royal Canin Natural, Holistic) with lots of fresh water , and give your pet plenty of exercise. Keep animals out of direct sun for extended periods of time and ensure they do not overdue exercise in extreme heat.

Q. How big do American Bulldogs grow?

A. Males range from 75 pounds to 130 pounds, females range from 65 pounds to 120 pounds. Ideally a male should be 110 pounds and 25 inches at the withers, a female should be 90 pounds and 24 inches at the withers.

Q. Are American Bulldogs dangerous to other dogs and children?

A. American Bulldogs can be very dangerous when not socialized and trained properly, it is absolutely critical for the owner to establish themself at the top of the pecking order, the dog must be trainedto obey the owner at all times under every circumstance and the only way to accomplish this difficult task is through obedience training from as early as 6 weeks of age. New American Bulldog owners must realize how serious this is and equip themselves with the skills they need to properly train their dogs. A professional trainer is the smartest way.

Aggressive American Bulldogs are a product of their environments, not their genetics, the owner is 100% responsile for the behaviour of their dog. Almost all bad behaviour can be corrected with the right dog trainer. It is much easier to correct the inappropriate behaviour and show the correct responses and behaviours to a young American Bulldog than a 100 pounder so start immediately. For information about training go to The Dogmen Inc. and K-9 Soldiers, there is a small yearly fee for K-9 Soldiers but the information on the site and the opportunity to Ask the Trainer is worth its weight in gold.
  Questions specific to Rebel Rose AB's...

Q. What type of American Bulldogs does Rebel Rose breed?

A. Our goal is to produce wide chested, short backed, heavy boned animals with large bully heads. It is also important to us that they have healthy bodies and sound minds.

Q. Do you have puppies for sale at this time?

A. You will have to email us because that answer changes daily.

Q. Can I reserve a puppy from a future breeding?

A. Yes you may, we accept non-refundable $300 deposits for future breedings. If the breeding doesn't take place or there aren't enough pups to fulfill the deposits the deposit may be transferred to another litter.

Q. Do you guarantee your puppies in writing?

A. Yes we do, click here to see our guarantee.

Q. Do you do any genetic testing on your breeding stock?

A. Yes we do, we have PennHIP'd some of our breeding stock and only breed those below the median after they have been x-rayed. We do breed dogs that have not been x-rayed. We only use animals that meet the breed standard and health standard.

Q. What food do you feed your animals? How often do you feed them?

A. Canidae, we feed the adults once per day and the nursing females and puppies are free fed.

Q. What happens if we can't keep our Rebel Rose pup?

A. We will always welcome one of our pups back to our kennel.

Q. Which American Bulldog Registry do you use?

A. We register all of our adults and puppies with the American Bulldog Registry and Archives.

Q. If I buy a pup how will it get to me and how much will that cost.

A. You can either drive here and pick it up or we can ship it via Delta Airlines. Destinations in the USA including an international health certificate and a crate will be approximately $250. Canadian destinations are less expensive and you will have to email us for a quote for European destinations.

Q. What is your kennel set up like?

A. Each pair of dogs stays in a 16 x 16 foot enclosure with a straw bottom and an extra large Dogloo. The dogs stay outside year round.

  Questions specific to American Bulldog Resources...

Q. Can I advertise my puppies, kennel, products on American Bulldog Resources?

A. Yes you can, please email us for a quote.

Q. Will you build me a website for my puppies, kennel, products?

A. Absolutely! Please email us for a quote.